Sony PS5 Playstation 5 Blu-Ray God of War Ragnarok Bundle


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– Enjoy the next generation of PlayStation games with ultra-fast SSD-like light-loading speeds, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio for a deeper immersive experience
– Play PS5 and PS4 games with Blu-ray Disc. You can also download a downloaded version of the PS5/PS4 game from the PlayStation Store.
– Superfast SSD
– Integrated I/O
– Up to R120FPS
– Ray tracing
– 4KTV Gaming
– HDR technology
–  Custom Microarchitecture Based on AMD Zen 2
– Specification: 8 core 16 thread, maximum clock 3.5 GHz (down clock under certain circumstances)
Input and output
– 1-core processors for SSD I/O processing + 1-core processors for memory mapping operations
– Custom Microarchitecture Based on AMD RDNA 2
– Specifications: 10.28 TFLOPS when operating with a maximum clock of 2.23 GHz
– 18 WGPs (36 CUs, 2304 SPs, 64ROPs, 144 TFUs), L2 cache memory 4MB, up to 2.23GHz
– Special Accessories: Cache Memory Sunlight Engine
Memory : GDDR6 memory specification, memory capacity total 16GB, memory bus total 256-bit, data transfer rate 14Gbp
Memory allocation : 3.5GB operating system, 12.5GB gaming, 448GB/sec data transfer width
Built-in storage : 825GB NBMe SSD (5.5GB/sec, 8-9GB/sec compressed)
Extended storage : SIE-certified NVMe SSD (to be supported), USB external HDD/SSD support
Image output : HDMI 2.1, up to 4K, 120FPS rendering, up to 8K 60Hz output, BVRR, ALLM
Audio : Tempest Engine Audio Chip: Computational performance up to 100GFLOPS
– USB A-type port (high speed USB)
– 2 USB A-type ports (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps)
– USB C-type port (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) 
– Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
– Two UWiFi IEEE 802.11BA ports (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps)
– Blutooth 5.1
Size : 390 x 104 x 260mm( 15.3 x 4 x 10.2 in)
 * Protrusions and pedestals excluded from measurement
Weight: 4.5 kg
Optical Drive: 4K HUD Blu-ray Disc Drive
Other devices : Anti-theft mounting slot (Kensington lock)
Controller : Dual-sense controller (PS4 sub-compatible game limited, dual-shock 4 available)
Operating System : Orbris 2.0
– Made in China
– PS5 God of War Ragnarok Bundle
– Dual-sense controller
– Power cable
– HDMI cable
– Dual-sense charging jack
– Cradle
– Plug type C

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